TLDR+ Training Course


SIMPL Plus training for people that don't have a lot of experience with line based code.

6 Weekly Live Zoom calls Jan 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18. Calls to be held at 9am MST and expected to last 1.5 hours (recorded if you can't attend live)

*The live calls are now completed, but you can still get in at a reduced rate as an early adopter*

Course Outline

Introduction to code based programming
- Code Structure and flow
- Variables and Constants
- Arrays
- Functions
- Event Handlers

SIMPL Plus Specific Things You Should Know
- "Don't Use SIMPL Plus"
- Categories, help information, compile target
- Compiler directives; if_series3

Simplified Starting Templates
Parsing Incoming Strings
- Techniques and Strategies To Handle Incoming data
- String Input vs. Buffer Input

Dealing with Lots of Inputs
- GetLastModifiedArrayIndex()

Formatting Outgoing Strings
- makestring formatting format specifier/padding

Debugging - How to see what is going on?
- Print to Trace
- Using Constants as Debugging flags

Next Steps
- Where to go from here?

note - this proposed outline may change a bit, we will probably add some more stuff and reorganize things a little bit as the live sessions progress to make sure everyone is comfortable and confident with the training.

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*live calls are now complete, but you can still get in at the special early adopter price while we finalize the course contents*

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