SIMPL Logic Cookbook Course


This free course takes you through a bunch of useful examples of Crestron programming logic. Dustin walks you through different scenarios and demonstrates putting together solutions and testing them out.

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Course Outline

Includes pdf download and online video lessons


  1. I need a way to have something happen only one time when a user presses a button
  2. I need a pulse whenever something is deselected or stops happening
  3. I need a “Current Source” text display
  4. I need something to happen at a specific time of day
  5. I need to cycle through a list of items with every press advancing to the next and wrapping around
  6. I need volume control but the range needs to be -800 to 100
  7. I need to recall values from a text file on boot
  8. I need to convert values to a different range
  9. I need a source select that can send that source to all selected
  10. I need something to change between two states when I press a button
  11. I need something to happen when a specific input is selected
  12. I need a display to select the correct input on startup based on the source
  13. I need to display a “please wait” popup page with a gauge indicating remaining time
  14. I need something to happen when a specific set of conditions are true
  15. I need to control power of a device but all I have is a toggle on/off IR command for control