1:1 Crestron Programming Coaching

This program consists of weekly 1 hour 1:1 zoom calls for a duration of 3 months (total of 12 calls)
You will have the ability to a schedule a time during working hours in my calendar for each call.
In these calls we can dive into your current and past projects to get clarity and ideas to make things work better or solve structural problems. I can also share examples and insights to assist you in advancing your skills as a Crestron programmer helping you get to the next level.

Program cost $2500 USD prepaid

My goal with this program is to provide transformation in your programming abilities. To do that, I have developed this questionnaire to get to know where you are at and what your goals are. These aren't "trick" questions, and there are no right or wrong answers. I can work with different levels of capabilities so I'm not just looking to work with the "best" programmers either but I do need people who are willing to learn.

At this time, my expertise is focused around SIMPL, SIMPL+, and Vision Tools Pro-e. I currently do not have enough experience with SIMPL#, CH5/HTML5, Crestron Home to be able to provide coaching on those topics. I can talk about them, but if you are looking to expand into these areas I am not going to be able to provide enough value to you.


I have created the form below to get to know your needs. Once you fill it out I will schedule a 15 minute zoom call with you for a discussion. If I feel this coaching will be a good fit, I will offer you a no-obligation opportunity to enroll or join the waiting list for the next available slot.

Note - There are a very limited number of people I can serve in this capacity and I only have 3 spots available at the same time so I can't guarantee a spot to anybody.


Dustin Baerg

Chris - Coaching Student

Taking the individualized coaching with Dustin has made my previous obstacles literally a thing of the past. Problems that had seemed massive to me were solved in one session. I walked away with functional, scalable code, which I hope to someday use in real-world projects. Dustin answered my questions in a way that allowed for more questions, and his answers were both detailed and made a lot of sense. I was also able to choose a time slot for my sessions, which was really convenient.