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What if you could enhance your earning potential in the trade industry by learning the fundamentals of the Audio Visual (AV) Installation trade?


Experience the tools, materials, skills and situations you will encounter in the field which will help you hit the ground running.
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The AV Installation Bootcamp provides the foundations required to be an effective member of an AV installation team from the very beginning of your AV career.

A course that gives an in-depth look at the world of an AV technician while teaching you the fundamentals of AV installation.

With BONUS training that prepares you for hiring opportunities, teaches professional preparedness, and introduces you to the more detalied work of the AV technician.

This training material will help you stand out among other hiring candidates  - 

By taking the AV Installation Bootcamp you are showing a potential employer that you have taken the initiative to learn the fundamentals of the job and want to be a valuable and professional member of a highly efficient team.


The AV Installation Bootcamp teaches skillsets and attitudes that will accelerate your career growth in the AV industry - 

The AV Installation Bootcamp doesn't just teach you what tools to use in the correct situation, it also teaches you proper job site etiquette, professionalism with other trades, with your fellow technicians and during interactions with clients. 


This course is taught by Gustavo de Beauville, CTS. Owner and Lead Installation Technician of Core Audio Visual Inc. -

Gus has been a part of the AV industry for over 14 years and remembers what it was like first starting out as a junior technician.  He has gone from junior tech to owning his own AV installation company that services commercial clients throughout Western Canada.  


Advantages of the AV Industry include: 
  • AV is a global industry that needs talented candidates - opportunities exist right now.
  • AV Techs work with dynamic systems in consistently new locations - this keeps things interesting.
  • There are many different areas of expertise to specialize in  - (Installation, Design, Engineering etc.)
  • The barriers for entry are still reasonably low and manageable - No 4-year apprenticeships.
  • Entry-level AV salaries are consistently higher than most other trades.
  • Compensation and salaries are based on your results and skills - learn more, know more, do more - get paid more!
  • AV Installation is perfect for people looking for a career in a technical field.
  • Prime candidates include Trade School grads, existing trade workers looking for a change, or if you feel stuck in your current job.
  • Previous trade work experience or technical background experience is always an asset, but not a necessity for an entry level position. 


"A positive attitude and solid work ethic will open doors for you, leave the technical details to us and let's get started." - Gus

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A little background on your instructor, Gus.

Gus is a CTS certified AV Technician and Lead installer. He is the owner of Core Audio Visual Inc. an AV installation company based out of Calgary, Alberta that serves nationwide, commercial clients.

Gus became a Junior AV tech in 2007, and worked up to Lead AV tech by 2009.

He opened his own AV Installation company, Core Audio Visual Inc. in 2015 and continues to deliver excellent service to his commercial clients throughout Western Canada.

"One of my proudest achievements with Core AV is being able to provide good techs with a professional environment to earn a living. This course is a great way to give back some of the knowledge that I've learnt from the mentors that have helped me advance in my career." - Gus

This course is for you if:

  • Your current job isn't presenting a clear career path for you.
  • You are ready to upgrade your skillset and take action to pursue a new and exciting career.
  • You want to join an industry that is growing and needs talent.
  • You like working with technology and feeling productive.
  • You are handy and need some guidance to the opportunities in AV.
  • You want to learn new skills and join a great community.

Here's a look at the 11 Modules of the AV INSTALLATION BOOTCAMP


Module 1 - Getting Started

  • Welcome and introduction to the Course Instructor
  • Basic definitions of the Audio Visual Industry
  • Outlining our focus on AV Installation
  • PDF download for offline review

Module 2 - Basic Hand Tools 

  • Overview of basic hand tools
  • Introduction to AV terms and jargon
  • 24 different lesson videos included

Module 3 - Advanced Hand Tools

  • Overview of more advanced tools 
  • Electronic measurement devices, test tools, computers etc.
  • 11 precision lesson videos included

Module 4 - Jobsite Safety

  • This module is critical to a lasting career
  • Trades need to understand safety on the job
  • Site specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Industry best practices on active construction sites
  • AV project sites discussed to develop awareness

Module 5 - Pre-Made Cables

  • Learn to identify AV cables 
  • Understand cable history and evolution
  • Become familiar with the cables we use in AV

Module 6 - Structured Wiring

  • Some cables cannot be bought - they have to be made
  • At times we need to be able to pull custom lines
  • We need to understand how to identify bulk cable

Module 7 - Making AV Cables

  • Detailed over the shoulder video explanations
  • The making of different types of cables from start to finish 
  • Soldering safety and best practice
  • Network cable termination
  • Audio cables testing
  • Microphone cable making

Module 8 - Working with Walls

  • Introduction to walls and their structure
  • Residential wood stud walls explained
  • Commercial steel stud walls explained 
  • Cross sectional wall explained 

Module 9 - Wooden Stud Walls

  • Scanning for studs
  • Pilot hole drilling
  • Using toggle bolts
  • Wall mounting equipment
  • Device placement best practice

Module 10 - Steel Stud Walls

  • Intro to steel stud walls
  • Steel stud wall construction
  • Stud find and laser level usage
  • Anchoring toggle blots into metal
  • Preparing for cables pulls 

Module 11 - Wall Mount a Large TV

  • This module walks you through a complete AV Installation
  • A step by step guide to my best practices and processes of a wall mount installation

 Bonus Training content for the AV Installation Bootcamp includes: 


Bonus 1 - My Emergency Roadside Kit

($60 value)

Let's be honest we are technicians - we love to be prepared.

  • This is an in-depth look into my personal vehicle safety kit that has gotten me out of jams before. Especially in unforgiving Alberta winters.

Bonus 2 - Safety Form Walkthrough

($140 value)

On AV projects you will have to fill out Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) forms.

  • In this module we will walk through how to fill out Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) safety forms before starting an AV project.
  •  Printable PDF forms included for practice or use on your own projects.
  • Excellent conversation starter with colleagues on safety awareness and best practices on the AV jobsite.


    Bonus 3 - AV Drawings Explained

($250 value)

AV Installers often work with AV Design Drawings. (Floor Plans, Elevations, Signal Flows).  At first glance these can look intimidating. 

  • This module will introduce you to real world examples of AV Design Plans.
  • We will review and discuss how to interpret AV drawings in order to accurately carry out our installation work.


What you'll get in the AV Installation Bootcamp


  • Over 120 AV Installation Bootcamp instructional videos in full HD, with 6+ hours of content to teach you the skills expected of an AV technician.  ($600 value)
  • BONUS - My emergency roadside kit video. Travel is often part of the technician's job.  I show you the items and tools I keep in my vehicle in case emergencies arise due to our frequent travel.  ($60 value)
  • BONUS 2 - Safety form walkthrough with PDF templates. ($140 value)
  • BONUS 3 - AV Drawings and Diagrams explained. ($250 value)
  • Total Value - $1050 USD

Get the AV Installation Bootcamp for - $299 USD


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AV Tools Explained  

Mini Course

A mini course that teaches students what a skilled AV Technician carries in their tool pouch. We reach into our tools bags and show you the equipment that we use on a daily basis.



Mini Course

  • AV Tools Mini Course
  • (Over 40 HD videos, 1 Hr of content)        
  • 2 different modules in an easy to follow format
  • Demos of Basic and and Advanced Tools
  • Full course lifetime access
  • 30 day risk-free course evaluation
  • BONUS - AV Tools Practical Demonstration. 40 minutes of installation videos in HD showing the AV Tools in use.




  • AV Installation Bootcamp
  • (Over 120 HD videos, 6 Hrs of content)        
  • 11 different modules in an easy to follow format
  • Demonstration of a full AV Installation  
  • Full course lifetime access
  • 30 day risk-free course evaluation
  • BONUS 1 - Ace the AV job interview presentation + PDF download
  • BONUS 2 - My emergency roadside kit video
  • BONUS 3 - Safety Form walkthrough video + PDF test form downloads
  • BONUS 4 - AV Drawings Explained