Training Courses

FREE SIMPL Logic Cookbook

TLDR Method

Crestron Basics Bootcamp

Crestron Fundamentals for AV Professionals





This popular course gives you a bunch of "recipes" to accomplish specific tasks in SIMPL

Advanced SIMPL training to save you time and make you a better programmer.

Follow along as Dustin builds a program from start to finish in this comprehensive video series.

Training for AV Technicians to learn basics of deploying already compiled code including networking and configuration.

Crestron Programming Workshop (Jun 2020)


Networking Basics

AV Installation Bootcamp


$119 (Introductory Price)



Beginner focused sessions introducing the Crestron environment, various logic blocks, and basic programming and adjusting code.

A new way to learn SIMPL Plus for people with no previous "code" experience

Learn some of the key terminology so you can be more equipped to deal with networked AV system configuration and deployment. Note: this course is also available bundled with the Crestron Fundamentals for AV Professionals course.

A course that gives an in-depth look at the world of an AV technician while teaching you the fundamentals of AV installation.

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